BAPABritish Activity Providers Association (BAPA)

Assuring Quality and Safety in the Activity Industry – Accredited members of BAPA is set to provide quality assurance, puts safety as the highest priority and ensure a quality experience.

The British Activity Providers Association is the trade association for private sector providers of activity holidays and courses in the UK. Member centres have all agreed to abide by the BAPA Code of Practice and are committed to high standards of safety, value for money and customer service.

The BAPA mission statement is “Assuring Quality and Safety in the Activity Industry” by:
– adopting appropriate safety standards
– opening centres to independent inspection
– promoting a commitment to ongoing staff training
– sharing pertinent information with members
– representation on appropriate national bodies
– acting as the voice of the private activity sector

BAPA Quality Assurance

The British Activity Providers Association was formed by a number of responsible activity centre operators in 1986, with the express intent of establishing operating guidelines for an ‘industry’ that otherwise had no specific controlling regulations.

Since that time, successive committees of elected members have developed a Code of Practice, Activity Guidelines and an Inspection Scheme. BAPA sets the standard for Quality, Safety and Value for activity centres and residential and day camp providers.

The BAPA Code of Practice lays down standards for areas such as accommodation, activity equipment, environmental responsibility, health and safety, insurance and learning support.


Adventuremark is a non-statutory safety scheme devised by the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) for providers of adventurous activities that are outside the scope of the Adventure Activity Licensing regulations. AAIAC, have appointed Adventure Activity Associates Ltd. as the Supervising Body responsible for operating Adventuremark.

Adventuremark allows providers to demonstrate to their customers or users that the provider’s arrangements for managing the potential risks of adventure activities have been inspected and found to meet the necessary standards of good practice in the adventure activity industry.

These are specified in the Adventuremark Provider Accreditation Criteria Inspection against the Provider Accreditation Criteria can be provided by Adventure Activity Associates (the ‘Direct Route’) or by an AAIAC Approved Scheme.

Adventuremark applies to all adventure activities and to all age groups.