Contents of EN1176-4:2008

British Standard BS EN 1176-4:2008
(Incorporating corrigendum August 2008)

Playground equipment and surfacing – Part 4: Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for cableways

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Safety requirements
4.1 General
4.2 Framework and fixing points for the cable
4.3 Calculation of forces acting on the cable of a cableway
4.4 Stops
4.5 Traveller
4.6 Suspension assembly
4.7 Cableways arranged in parallel
4.8 Grips
4.9 Seats
4.10 Speed
4.11 Free height of fall
4.12 Ground clearance
4.13 Cable height
4.14 Falling space and impact area
5 Test report
6 Information to be provided by the supplier/manufacturer
7 Marking
Annex A (normative) Method for the determination of performance of stops
A.1 Principle
A.2 Apparatus
A.3 Procedure
Annex B (normative) Method for the determination of the maximum speed of the traveller
B.1 Principle
B.2 Apparatus
B.3 Procedure
Annex C (informative) A–deviations